Mar (daznjonesy) wrote in discoheads,

You may have seen on the Disco's site that I am looking for my own hosting, so I can stop leeching off Sam's webspace and bandwidth. There's been a problem with people using my pictures of the personalities for their own uses, right off the webspace, so I'm also looking for hosting that will provide options for preventing remote image linking, or whatever, by strangers.

If anyone has a host recommendation, please speak up. Right now I'm thinking about getting an account at Portal Of Evil Hosting, because it's something like $90 for a year and I figure they won't give me any shit if I have a controversial opinion or something.

Or if anyone has any advice about registering domain names and what not, I'd appreciate that, too, because I'm not totally sure what I'm doing. I figure isn't exactly a hot domain, so I've got some time.

I do hope to eventually get the damned thing running again. Really. I swear. On a stack of Tim Tams.

Mmm, Tim Tams...

Er. So. Yeah. Heads up. :)
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